ChinaCustomizedDisposableFaceMaskForChildren COMPANY PROFILE ZHONGSHAN GAONENG LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. , which engaging in R&D, production and marketing, is a professional supplier of LED lighting. Gaoneng Lighting is located at No. 26, Yongtaichang Road, Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. For years improvement, the factory area has enlarged to be about 5000m², which contains Workshop, Office Area, Test Room, and Exhibition Room. TEAM INTRODUCED We are the Lilac Lamp Company, and we specialize in the designing and manufacturing of high-quality lamps for residential and commercial purposes. Our team is comprised of 100 factory workers and 30 service teams, each with their own unique set of skills and expertise. The factory workers are the ones responsible for creating, assembling, and manufacturing all of our lamps. They work in a variety of settings, using a wide range of materials in order to produce the best products. They are highly experienced in their craft and are always striving to deliver the best quality product possible. The service teams are responsible for the maintenance and repair of all our lamps. They are knowledgeable and experienced in the workings of our lamps, and are always on call to help our customers with any issues they may have. They are also available to answer any questions our customers may have and provide helpful advice on how to best use our products. At Gaoneng, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality lamps and best service possible. We believe in creating products that are both beautiful and functional, and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our team is committed to providing the best experience possible, and we are always available to answer any questions or concerns. 鈼?DEVELOPMENT HISTORY 鈼?/strong> 2023 More than 500 agents of our lighting products, and influence greatly the auto car shops lighting styles 2016 Moved to 5000銕?new factory锛宎nd a new team to research the lights for the auto car detailing shops 2015 TDeveloped more than 100 lighting shops all over the China 2014 Moved to a new factory, and created the new brand “ZONENG” 2010 Founded inZhongshan , specialized in led lighting 鈼?ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE 鈼?/strong> Company Executives PresidentCEOChief Operating OfficerChief Financial OfficerChief Technology OfficerChief Human Resources Officer Administration Director of AdministrationAccounting SupervisorHR ManagerLegal counselPublic Relations Manager Marketing Department Marketing DirectorMarketing ManagerProduct Marketing ManagerAdvertising ExecutiveMedia Relations Manager R & D Department R&D directorSoftware EngineerHardware engineerSystem AnalystTest engineer Sales Department Sales DirectorBusiness Development ManagerSales ManagerRelationship ManagerSales Assistant Customer Services Customer service directorCustomer service managerCustomer Service SpecialistCustomer support engineerCustomer Advisory Specialist COMPANY CERTIFICATE CE certification, UL certification, FCC certification, CB certification, GS certification, ROHS certification, EMC certification, LFGB certification, IP certification, CCC certification, etc. 鈼?COMPANY HONOR 鈼?/strong> The achievements of the company in the field of lamps have attracted worldwide attention. Their lamp products all reflect the ultimate quality and innovative technology. One of the lamps was rated as a national energy-saving product and was also selected as the most popular lamp product. Many experts and consumers recognize its high quality and ultra-high performance. It has won many awards in the lighting industry at home and abroad, becoming a model of the industry, and has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise by the national science and technology organization. WORKING ENVIRONMENT For years improvement, the factory area has enlarged to be about 5000m², which contains Workshop, Office Area, Test Room, and Exhibition Room 鈼?COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE 鈼?/strong> 1. First-class technology: Lighting companies have world-class technology and can provide high-efficiency and energy-saving products to meet customers' needs for energy saving, quality, environmental protection and safety; 2. High-quality products: Lighting companies have high-quality products that can meet the needs of different customers and provide customers with cost-effective and elegant lighting; 3. Professional service: The lamp company has a professional service team, which can provide all-round technical support and after-sales service to meet any needs of customers; 4. Efficient supply chain: Lighting companies have an efficient supply chain management system, which can timely and accurately meet customer demand for goods and meet customer cost and delivery requirements; 5. Perfect customer relationship: Lamp enterprises have a sound customer relationship management system, which can discover customer needs and feedback in time to meet customer requirements. R&D CAPABILITY 1. LED driver chip research and development: can provide more efficient, more reliable and more stable LED lighting system; 2. Research and development of efficient and energy-saving LED lighting systems: able to provide more energy-saving and efficient LED lighting systems; 3. Research and development of intelligent lighting system: it can provide more intelligent lighting system to meet the individual needs of different scenarios; 4. Research and development of high-quality, high-intelligence intelligent lighting solutions: can provide more high-quality, high-intelligence intelligent lighting solutions to meet the individual needs of different scenarios; 5. Research and development of intelligent control systems: able to provide more efficient, reliable and customizable intelligent control systems to meet the individual needs of different scenarios; 6. Intelligent control software development: more advanced intelligent control software can be provided to meet the individual needs of different scenarios; 7. Research and development of intelligent lamps: more advanced and efficient intelligent lamps can be provided to meet the individual needs of different scenarios; 8. Lighting design research and development: can provide more professional and precise lighting design to meet the individual needs of different scenes; 鈼?INDUSTRY STATUS 鈼? The leader in the global lighting industry: The company has always been a leader in the global lighting industry. Through continuous investment in innovation and research and development, the company can provide lighting products with excellent quality. Industry innovators: Enterprises continue to innovate and launch innovative lighting products to meet the needs of different markets and occupy a leading position in the industry. Excellent after-sales service: The company provides high-quality after-sales service, provides customers with high-quality products and services, and establishes a good reputation and brand image in the hearts of customers. Sense of social responsibility: The company not only provides customers with high-quality products, but also pays attention to the progress and development of the society, insists on implementing the sense of social responsibility, and has a good social image in the industry. CORPORATE STRATEGY 1. Focus on the market: closely follow the market dynamics, regularly adjust the types of lamps, grasp the latest market trends, meet the needs of consumers, and provide more high-quality lamp products; 2. Quality first: Strictly implement the relevant national product quality standards, continuously improve the production process, improve product quality, and meet user expectations; 3. Service priority: Strengthen the construction of customer service system, put customer requirements first, and provide customers with timely, professional and thoughtful services; 4. Scientific and technological innovation: Regularly invest in research and development funds to promote the development and application of new technologies, improve product quality and service levels, and accelerate the pace of company development; 5. Expand the market: Actively expand new markets, broaden sales channels, publicize and promote the company's brand, expand influence, and enhance corporate popularity and market competitiveness. COMPANY MISSION Our mission is: to provide global customers with safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting solutions with innovative technology and high-quality services, improve the quality of life of customers, and help the world build a more sustainable lighting environment. 鈼?CORPORATE VISION 鈼?/strong> Our vision is to become the world's most respected lighting manufacturer, provide high-quality services to customers by providing high-quality, safe and sustainable lighting products, and at the same time cultivate excellent talents to achieve sustainable social development. We will continue to innovate, through technological innovation, to achieve product upgrades and price optimization, and then improve product competitiveness, and ultimately achieve sustainable development of the enterprise and make greater contributions to social development. COMPANY PHILOSOPHY We are committed to becoming a pioneer in the lighting industry, pursuing excellent quality, providing customers with satisfactory products and services, meeting the needs of society and customers, creating value for customers, while pursuing innovation, improving technical levels, and striving to become a lighting supplier that customers trust business. COMPANY VALUES We are committed to providing customers with high-quality, cost-effective lighting products, and to meet customer needs with services rather than products. We cherish the trust of customers, and follow the tenet of customer service to provide customers with timely, safe and efficient services. We are committed to providing customers with safe, reliable and efficient products and services to meet their needs. We are committed to continuous innovation, constantly improving lighting products, improving production technology, improving product quality, and providing customers with better products. With the goal of common development, we insist on providing value to customers with high-quality services and products, and based on the principles of integrity, friendship, cooperation and sustainability, we strive to create value for customers and develop together with customers. ChinaCustomizedDisposableFaceMaskForChildren website: