Supermarket Anti Theft Label factory Tansparent label usual used on lipstick锛寃oven label etc Products Usage: Direct stick on the goods Our Advantage: 鈼?We have been engaged in mop yarn for more than 15 years. 鈼?we have complete production technology and management. 鈼?We have an experienced QC team 鈼?As a manufacturer our price is also good. Packing: 1000pcs/Roll 20 rolls/Carton Total: 20,000pcs FAQ锛?/strong> How Electromagnetic Technology Works The electromagnetic system (EM) creates a low frequency electromagnetic field. The field continuously varies in strength and polarity, repeating a cycle from positive to negative and back to positive again. In response to the changing magnetic field created by the transmitter, the magnetic field of the tag material abruptly "switches" as the field strength varies past a particular point, whether positive or negative. This abrupt change in the tag material generates a momentary signal that is similar to the systems fundamental frequency. Using electronic signal processing techniques, the system identifies the harmonics and causes an alarm.Supermarket Anti Theft Label factory website: