Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems factory Advantages of concrete water: Concrete is mixed with and reacts with softened water, which can reduce the impact of water quality on concrete quality, and improve the reaction and coagulation time of concrete. Compared with ordinary water, the softened water can give full play to concrete standard features. Current situation of concrete ordinary water: No water scale generates in the water with very high Calcium and magnesium ions contents because the calcium and magnesium ions exist in chlorate which is soluble and can't precipitate in heating. RO principle: The dilute solution (such as fresh water) and concentrated liquor (such as seawater or brine) with the same volume are placed on both sides of one container, respectively and is separated with semipermeable membrane in the middle. Then the solvent in dilute solution will permeate semipermeable membrane naturally and flow into the concentrated liquor, while the liquid level of concentrated liquor will be higher than that of dilute solution to form pressure difference and reach the osmotic balance. Such pressure difference is osmotic pressure which depends on the type, concentration and temperature of concentrated liquor and has nothing to do with the nature of semipermeable membrane. If the pressure on concentrated liquor side is higher than the osmotic pressure, the solvent in concentrated liquor will flow into dilute solution, and the flow direction of solvent is opposite to the original permeation direction. That process is called as the RO. Qingzhou Yuancheng Water Treatment Equipment wins the market with integrity, and concentrates on joint development with customers!Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems factory website: