wholesale Grooved Iron pipe Fittings Description The Ductile Iron Coupling is a connection fitting obtained by an annealing, threading process of malleable cast iron, used to connect one or several castings, ductile iron and PVC pipes. It is cheaper than universal flange adapters or couplings, allows for fast, leak-free and reliable connections, facilitates the removal of valves and fittings without disturbing the pipeline, and accommodates limited pipeline movement, expansion, contraction and angular misalignment. Features The main material of our Ductile Iron Coupling is ductile iron, coated with blue or orange epoxy resin powder, which prevents wear and tear and rusting over a long period of time, providing a long service life. It provides a rigid pipe joint with limited axial or angular movement, allowing the entire pipe to work in a stable manner without leakage. In addition, the gaskets are strictly encapsulated and are suitable for water treatment from -34掳C to +110掳C and for oil service from -29掳C to +82掳C. Technical Data Pressure:鈮?2.0MPA CLASS 150 Maximum Temperature: 200掳C (392掳F) Tensile Strength:鈮?00MPA Hardness:< HB150 (Brinell) Elongation Rate: 鈮?% FAQ Q: How do you arrange the quality Control? A: There is a QC at each product process, you can check the line of production on top. Q: How about the thread for your fitting? A: We thread the fitting as BSPT and NPTstrictly, Easy assembling, no tear-off, saves time and cost; Q: Will you arrange the shipment on time? A: Yes, we always arrange the shipment as agreed. In order to achieve this target, we keep 20000 tons of fittings in the warehouse. Q: Do you arrange the leakage test for fitting? A: Yes, Our Malleable Cast Iron Fittings are 100% tested for leak tightness Q: How long did you export the malleable iron pipe fitting? A: We started to export to the overseas market 20 years, and serve 130 markets till now. Q: Where is your location锛?span style="white-space: pre;"> A: The head company is located in Tangshan City Hebei Province, about 2 hours from Beijing or Tianjin by car. Q: Could I have the samples to test? A: Yes, we are pleased to send you a free sample.wholesale Grooved Iron pipe Fittings website:http://www.jianzhi-fittings.net/grooved-iron-pipe-fittings/